For the machining of simple or complex parts, in small to large lot sizes, we use three Supermax YAM CNC machines (1250, 1020 and 660) which feature a maximum machining capacity of 1 250 x 500 mm (length x width) and a spindle speed of up to 15 000 rpm.

Precisteel 8559 Precisteel 8574 Precisteel 8564
Precisteel 8578 Precisteel 8601 Precisteel 8597
Precisteel 8557

We machine a range of materials, including steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, titanium, aluminium or different synthetic materials such as plastic.

Examples of our applications include ground baseplates, thermoforming moulds, mechanically welded frames and parts, and we carry out monitoring of heat treatment and surface finishing.

Latest news

05.2015 : Haas VF-4ss centres

Haas VF-4ss centres

The purchase of two "Haas VF-4ss" high-speed vertical spindle machining centres strengthens our production capacity.

03.2015 : New DRILL 20

New DRILL 20

A new high-speed drill "DRILL 20", the ideal complement to spark-cutting, extends the range of our EDM department.

02.2015 : Electrical discharge machining

Electrical discharge machining

We are expanding our offer with a new EDM department.  We are equipped with two very versatile AgieCharmilles machines "CUT 200 Sp" able to cut 30° cones.

11.2014 : LEICA microscope

LEICA microscope

Our new Leica digital microscope "DMS1000" enables ultra-precise measurement and observation of your parts on an HDMI monitor.  This new means of control guarantees the irreproachable quality of our production.